In a dynamic world of rapid innovation, Connected Devices are the future of business re-imagination. IOTen is on a mission to set businesses on a vision of growth. The key to this transformation is the careful application of seamless integration, mitigating security risks & managing data reducing complexity. This is a gradual process, and each of our service offerings represents a step in the journey to building a thriving enterprise. Whether it’s driving security in a complex infrastructure, producing more connected opportunities, or getting consulting services for your org. IOTen has a solution to help businesses move forward.

What We Do ?

IOTen Consulting Services provides clients with a team of specialized technology resources and comprehensive engagement management. Backed by our history of recruiting experience & proven consulting methods, we take pride in both providing & managing teams to improve client’s complex environment to one-step ease of connectivity and reduce expense to the client.

Our Consulting offerings are completely scalable to cater to our client’s specific needs. We can help, partnering with you from design to proof-of-concept through execution and support.

  • Solution Design Enablement
  • Your Scope and Our Scale matter in scripting design solutions for your IOT enablement. We partner with technology disruptors to maintain pace with rapid innovations & reach the finishline first. Together, we’ll build a world-class infrastructure that runs at the speed of your goal/aim/ambition.

  • IOT Security & Compliance
  • When things to connect & communicate grow into millions & millions of devices around us, security is the most vulnerable thing around. IOTen takes serious practice in cybersecurity & we’ve remediated risks & comply with governance for many of our clients over years and we don’t blink an eye now.

  • IOT Analytics
  • We’ve adapted with evolving needs of markets, building value & opportunity by investing in technology sectors such as data science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Cybersecurity empowering our employees cope with competitive markets by making them unique & standing out of crowd.

  • Intelligent Things Ops Center (ITOC)
  • We take pride in our Intelligent TOC (Things Operations Center) where we build bridges from devices to applications, when and where we can. We can help you integrate devices, connect them to your enterprise consoles and build custom interfaces. Our ITOC 24X7 health monitoring platform provides clients to monitor & manage with less downtime and quick turn around. ITOC also features Security threat detection that inspires a safe and secure cyber world. ITOC has a specific command center for issue triage and resolution which leverages our Problem Analysis & Root cause determination to improve the performance of many core business processes of the enterprise. We optimize our client’s operations and daily tedious tasks, so our client can focus on more result oriented tasks that drives greater revenue

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